The important role of atmospheric environment air quality monitoring system

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For the atmospheric environment and people's health, oil fume monitoring and atmospheric monitoring are very important, and the atmospheric grid monitoring system can be used for overall monitoring and management. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards. The overall national economy has shown an overall upward trend. With the continuous acceleration of the process of industrialization. It is inevitable that a large amount of chemical raw materials will be used in the manufacturing process. And a large amount of polluting gas will be generated. In recent years, people's living standards have continued to improve and the automobile industry has developed rapidly. Gas pollution such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide has increased rapidly. Cause serious air pollution.

A large amount of pollutant gas diffused into the air. Leading to severe smog weather in most areas of our country, which seriously affected air quality and people's health. There is also an increase in cooking fume on the diet, leading to fume and serious air quality pollution.

Atmospheric monitoring equipment introduction

Atmospheric monitoring systems are widely used in urban environmental monitoring, residential air quality, park forest environment, and enterprise chemical parks. The data sources for grid monitoring of ambient air quality are not limited to small air stations and micro air stations. Other sources include: atmospheric standard stations, background stations, roadside stations. Stationary source monitoring stations, and enterprise pollution source emission self-inspection equipment. These data also support grid monitoring big data, laying a solid foundation for scientific analysis, comparison, and traceability. The platform that integrates these data is called the ambient air quality grid monitoring system.

Factory direct sales, affordable prices, can better monitor the atmospheric environment. It is convenient for relevant departments to conduct overall monitoring and management. Reliable technology, using advanced microprocessor technology, fast response, high measurement accuracy, and good stability. Monitoring data display; the product can be equipped with an embedded LED display screen to realize real-time display and release of monitoring data. At the same time, a data interface is also provided for users to access various display screens. A variety of analysis and management tools are provided. This product provides a supporting management system, WeChat and APP to facilitate users to view, query, and manage all online monitoring equipment and data. Alarm processing, supports disconnection alarm, over-standard alarm, and abnormal situation alarm. The alarm information can be issued through audible and visual alarms, display screens, or sent to designated mobile phones via SMS.

Atmospheric monitoring
Atmospheric monitoring