Jingxun Unblocked Natural Gas Leak Detector

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Gas leak, poisoning, explosion, etc. When a flammable gas leak occurs in a kitchen that uses natural gas...... When the natural gas leak detector detects that the flammable gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm..... The natural gas leak detector will send out an audible and visual alarm signal to remind people to take evacuation..... forced exhaust.... And cut off Safety measures such as natural gas supply.

CH4 gas alarm control system

The main equipment of The main equipment of CH4 gas alarm control system includes CH4 gas alarm controller and CH4 gas detector. ....By combining them.. The function of CH4 gas monitoring and automatic alarm can be realized.... And the production can be guaranteed.


CH4 gas alarm controller is used with gas detector. One gas detector needs to be equipped with a single gas alarm controlle...... And one or more gas alarm controllers are required to use when using multiple gas detectors........The gas alarm controller supports the sound and light alarm setting, supports two relay control.... And can linkage air exhaust, power off and other behaviors.


(1) The CH4 gas alarm controller adopts the integrated design of the fuselage... With 32 gas inputs and sound light response function.....
(2) The CH4 gas alarm controller has a voltage protection system...... Four buttons, 320 * 240 resolution color large screen display
(3) There are many types of gas alarm controller: one drag two type (digital tube display)....... One drag four type (high-definition color large screen), one drag eight type (high-definition color large screen).

Fixed gas detector:

Description:The CH4 gas detector has four configurations to choose from: standard configuration (real-time monitoring of the measured gas... High sensitivity, accurate measurement); with sound and light alarm (gas exceeding standard, sound and light alarm); with concentration display (real-time display of the detected gas value ); with concentration display and audible and visual alarm (display the gas concentration at the time...... The data exceeds the standard alarm).

methane detector equipment