Indoor air and outdoor air are inseparable, so it must be fully protected

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Indoor air pollution has a great impact on people's health, because the indoor environment is generally a relatively closed environment. In the closed environment, the air flow is slow. Once there are harmful substances in the air, they will continue to accumulate. On the other hand, modern people are different from ancient people. Modern people stay indoors longer than ancient people. Many people stay indoors all the time except on the road. Which leads to a further increase in the impact of indoor air on the human body, so the ambient air quality is very important.

In addition, because modern people look forward to staying indoors for a long time, the body's resistance will be correspondingly worse. Which makes modern people more susceptible to air pollution and harm their own health.

Ambient air quality

As the saying goes, humans are very intelligent creatures. So they will never be reached by the small difficulty of indoor air pollution. Human beings have existed for millions of years and survived. A lot of difficulties were encountered in the process, but mankind has overcome them. And this has formed the current powerful and prosperous human society.

In fact, mankind has made a lot of efforts to improve air pollution. Such as inventing and creating various types of air. Pollution detectors have designed and integrated various online atmospheric monitoring systems. Many atmospheric environmental monitoring companies have sprung up one after another. You must know that more than a hundred years ago. No one thought about protecting the atmosphere through ambient air quality. The environment.
More than one hundred years of time, for the millions of years of human history. Is only a very short period of time, but it is in this short period of time that mankind responded to improve air quality and invented air quality. Monitoring equipment, this is the key for human beings to continuously face and solve challenges.

ambient air quality
ambient air quality