Clean air is precious! We need to protect it!

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Environmental air quality monitoring background

Some people say that air and sunlight are the two most precious things in the world, because without these two things. It is impossible for anyone to stock them. At the same time, air and sunlight have no price, and everyone can enjoy themselves. Enjoy the benefits of air and sunlight without paying even a penny for them. This can illustrate the importance of ambient air quality monitoring.

However, with the emergence of air pollution. The enjoyment of the air no longer seems to be a power that everyone can have. It has become a privilege that a small number of rich and idle talents can obtain. After all, the polluted air can not only kill In addition to the life of a person. What other wonderful experience can it bring to people?
Some people even collect air specifically from the Alps, and then pack it and sell it to the rich. So that the rich can enjoy the fresh air of the Alps without moving their legs and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by nature. The price of Alpine air is also very high. Horrible, the price of a can is as high as 1,200 yuan!

The importance of ambient air quality monitoring

Let’s put it this way, if people don’t pay attention to protecting the air, then fresh air like the air in the Alps will become scarcer and more expensive. And more people will no longer be able to enjoy the beauty of the air. Experience.
Fortunately, many people are now aware of environmental protection, and governments of various countries have also issued a series of policies that require large air polluters to strengthen air protection. It is necessary to conduct environmental air quality monitoring and online air pollution monitoring in the process of discharging air. Once discharged If the exhaust gas contains a large number of unqualified components, severe penalties will be immediately imposed. Some air quality monitor manufacturers have also emerged as the times require. A large number of efficient air environment monitoring instruments have also been invented, contributing to environmental protection.

ambient air quality monitoring
ambient air quality monitoring