Application of O3 electrochemical sensor

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Classification of O3 electrochemical sensors:

Electrochemical toxic gas sensor-According to the application classification, ozone detectors can be divided into two types: fixed and portable. Fixed means to be fixed in a place where there may be a gas leak. Which can be monitored online in real time for 24 hours. It is portable and small in size, light in weight, and can be held with one hand. When starting the machine. It is easy to carry and use. It is easy to be used for detection and gas detection in experiments.

Use of ozone detector:

The ozone detector is an instrument that monitors the concentration of ozone gas. Since the gas is invisible and intangible, if you want to know the concentration of ozone gas, you need an instrument that can directly reflect the concentration of ozone gas. O3 electrochemical sensor was born for this application.

Working principle of ozone detector:

At present, the principle of electrochemical technology is the most widely used principle of ozone detector. Because the cost of electrochemical technology is low, the performance is relatively stable, and the detection effect is good.

gas sensor

The working principle of the electrochemical sensor of the ozone detector is simply that when ozone gas enters the sensor. It will consume the electrolyte inside the sensor. Through the consumption, it will reflect the gas concentration, and through the conversion of the electrical signal. It will eventually reflect the intuitive digital signal, allowing us to directly see the gas concentration.

Application occasions of ozone detector:

Due to the superiority of the O3 electrochemical sensor itself, its high accuracy and strong stability, it can guarantee third-party measurement certification. It can be widely used in the detection of ozone concentration in sterilization, the detection of residual trace ozone concentration, the detection of ozone in medical pharmacies, chemical plants, petroleum and petrochemical, air quality, work hygiene, scientific research institutes, sewage treatment, etc.

Electrochemical toxic gas sensor-The equipment of the fixed ozone detector is related to the environment of the monitoring site. However, the location of the fixed ozone detector can be identified according to the specific location of the leak source. The molecular weight of ozone is about 48, which can be used to determine the specific device orientation of the ozone detector. Because ozone gas is heavier than air, if ozone gas leaks, ozone gas will sink, so the orientation of the ozone detector can be below the source of the leak. In this way, once a gas leak occurs, the ozone detector can quickly detect the leaking ozone gas, and if it exceeds the set range, it will issue an alarm and improve the safety factor.