The characteristics and details of the use of nitrogen oxide detector

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Nitrogen oxides, in the high temperature or combustion process, oxygen will react with nitrogen to form nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides are the general name of nitrogen and oxygen compounds...Commonly known as "smoke", which includes nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide.... Dinitrogen trioxide, nitrogen tetroxide, dinitrogen pentoxide, etc., except for NO₂, other compounds are unstable. They are easily converted into NO and heat when exposed to air, moisture or light and heat. NO₂, the former is then transformed into NO₂...... So the nitrogen oxides exposed to the occupational environment are mainly NO₂ and a small amount of NO. NO₂ is a brown-red gas with a pungent odor and is almost insoluble in water; NO is a colorless gas with no obvious irritation and unstable nature. It is easily oxidized to NO₂ in the air. Nitrogen oxides invade the human body mainly through the respiratory tract.------gas detection system

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The nitrogen oxide detector is specially configured in parks and factories. It is used to detect the concentration of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere.


The nitrogen oxide detector adopts a pumping sampling method, which can directly extract air from the atmosphere. The gas entering the instrument successively passes through the gas treatment circuit such as a steam trap......And finally enters the intelligent nitrogen and oxygen gas detector. After advanced detection technology, the measurement The concentration of nitrogen and oxygen in the outlet gas.---gas detection system


The nitrogen oxide monitoring system adopts powerful sampling pump...Pump suction sampling, built-in powerful sampling pump, large monitoring range..Short response/recovery time, wide measurement range, and the instrument has a keen sense of smell.

The clear LCD screen of the nitrogen oxide monitoring system displays a seven-inch LCD screen............Which is convenient for reading and clear at a glance. It supports multiple RS485/2G/4G communication methods, and directly uploads to the cloud platform without the data acquisition instrument.

Scientific calculation method, the nitrogen oxide monitoring system adopts Gaussian plume model.... Scientific calculation method, and accurately measures a variety of pollutant gases at the same time, with high detection sensitivity.


Accessory hoop: The host of the nitrogen oxygen detector has an accessory hoop, which is stable and convenient to install.

Metal keys, high-quality stainless steel material, waterproof and dustproof, long service life.

Sampling pump head: Built-in powerful sampling pump, and the measurement accuracy of some probes reaches ppb level.