The role of ammonia electrochemical sensors in environmental monitoring of smart public toilets

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 07 2021

Toxic and harmful gas sensor-With the integration and development of network mobile technology and the democratization of innovation, the construction of smart cities has become faster and more complete. We are walking on the road in the city.

And we will see a smart public toilet at a distance. Smart public toilets are beautiful, comfortable, hygienic, tidy and intelligent. It has not only improved the public image of the city. But also found a foothold for improving the degree of modernization. This benefits from the application of the ammonia electrochemical sensor monitoring system in smart public toilets.

The smart public toilet environmental monitoring system is composed of four parts: management platform, monitoring terminal, intelligent linkage, and transmission part. It includes various gas detectors such as ammonia electrochemical sensors.

It can monitor the temperature, humidity, ammonia and other environmental gas concentrations in public toilets in real time, and Upload to the environmental monitoring platform in real time. When the harmful gas content in the public toilet exceeds the standard, the system will send out an alarm message to pay attention to the safety of the toilet users in time. In this system, the ammonia electrochemical sensor is responsible for monitoring ammonia.


Ammonia is a colorless gas with a pungent odor, which is lighter than air. Ammonia is alkaline and easily soluble in water. In the laboratory, ammonia is made by heating a mixture of ammonium chloride and slaked lime, which also produces calcium chloride and water.

At high temperatures, it will decompose into nitrogen and hydrogen, which has a reducing effect. In the presence of a catalyst, it can be oxidized to nitric oxide. Ammonia can be directly synthesized from nitrogen and hydrogen under the action of a catalyst.

Which will burn the skin, eyes and mucous membranes of respiratory organs. If a person inhales too much, it will cause lung swelling. Since ammonia is a toxic gas, it is necessary to monitor ammonia to ensure environmental safety.

Toxic and harmful gas sensor-The electrochemical ammonia sensor uses a semiconductor sensor probe as the core detection device. Which has the characteristics of fast response, high sensitivity, and strong anti-interference ability.

It also has the characteristics of long service life, high precision and stability. In addition to being used in public toilets. It can also be widely used in agricultural greenhouses, farms, chemical plants and other occasions where ammonia gas needs to be monitored.

Ammonia electrochemical sensors play an important role in the environmental monitoring system of smart public toilets. Through technical integration, real-time and effective monitoring of the environment of public toilets is carried out. So that public toilets are always in a safe and clean state.