The importance of air quality monitoring

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The significance of air quality monitoring

Most of the air quality is mainly good, and some areas are slightly polluted; some are at moderate risk of ozone pollution; some are affected by sand and dust, and light to moderate pollution may occur. In recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger, and the government has gradually increased its efforts to remediate the environment. Air quality monitoring is particularly important.

The quality of air reflects the degree of air pollution. Which is judged based on the concentration of pollutants in the air. Air pollution is a complex phenomenon. And the concentration of air pollutants at a specific time and place is affected by many factors. The discharge of man-made pollutants from fixed and mobile pollution sources is one of most important factors affecting air quality. Including exhaust from vehicles, ships, and aircraft, industrial pollution, residential life and heating, and garbage incineration. Urban development density, topography and weather are also important factors affecting air quality.

Air quality monitoring

There are many substances that affect air quality, so the monitoring of air quality is also more complicated. and there are many sensors used. The air quality sensor can detect TVOC, TVOC+eCO2, TVOC+eCO2+PM2.5/10+temperature and humidity, TVOC+eCO2+temperature and humidity, TVOC+eCO2.

Negative oxygen ion detector

The product uses high-performance chips and has a long service life.

Air quality monitoring
Negative oxygen ion detector

The content of negative oxygen ions in the air is the key to good air quality. In the natural ecosystem, forests and wetlands are important places for generating negative oxygen ions in the air. It has a regulating effect in air purification and urban microclimate. and its concentration level is one of the indicators of urban air quality evaluation. Due to the characteristics of negative ions, the generation and disappearance of negative ions in the air will maintain a balance. Therefore, judging the concentration of negative ions in the environment requires accurate measurement with a special air negative ion detector.