Application and monitoring of co2 detector in industry

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Multiple uses of co2

In industry, carbon dioxide has a wide range of uses. Carbon dioxide can be injected into beverages to increase the pressure and make the beverages contain bubbles. Such as carbonated beverages and beer. Solid carbon dioxide is the dry ice we often hear. Dry ice will vaporize at room temperature, take away a lot of heat, and can be used for rapid freezing. Carbon dioxide does not support combustion, and its specific gravity is heavier than air. So it is often used in fire extinguishers. In winemaking, carbon dioxide can create an oxygen-deficient environment and prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, carbon dioxide is also used in the soda industry, sugar industry, and plastic industry. What are the co2 detector?

Carbon dioxide monitoring

The co2 detector collects the changes of the gas concentration in the environment in real time 24 hours a day. Converts the signal into an electrical signal and transmits it to the supporting controller. Which instantly displays the corresponding gas concentration and other status of the detector, and outputs the corresponding command control in time External devices. The carbon dioxide gas alarm controller is used by the carbon dioxide gas detector and the host.

Infrared co2 module detector

And perform temperature compensation. Which can obtain stable and reliable measurement results even under harsh temperature and environmental conditions. It has the characteristics of good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence. And long life that are unique to NDIR products. It is made by gilding process. This product can be widely used in HVAC control, indoor air quality monitoring, agricultural and animal husbandry production process monitoring. And can be installed in intelligent buildings, ventilation systems, controllers, wall-mounted use, robots, automobiles and other applications.

Industrial method of producing carbon dioxide

Industrial production of carbon dioxide is produced by high-temperature calcining of calcium carbonate. Because calcium carbonate is made of marble, limestone, etc., the cost is low, so this method is adopted.

Infrared co2 module detector
Infrared co2 module detector