How smoke sensor improves safety index

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The smoke sensor is a common fire warning device. It has the function of early detection of fire signals. It can accurately sense the smoke produced by the fire in the early stage of the fire. Its working principle is that when the substance burns. it will often produce smoke first. . And then produce visible and invisible light. There is always a process from the burning of the material to the gradual increase of the fire. The smoke detector will "capture" the "signal" when the material is burning. And "capture" the The "signal" is converted into an electrical signal. Which is transmitted to the controller of the automatic fire alarm system. Which promptly warns people and informs relevant personnel to put out the fire.

In addition to the burning fire, the general fire is usually accompanied by strong smoke. Its principle is to detect the concentration of smoke in the air through the internal dust sensor. So as to provide early warning of fire. The smoke we see in life is actually tiny solid particles floating in the air. These solid particles have a reflection effect on light. In order to now the fire situation technically. A dust sensor can be installed in the smoke sensor to judge the concentration of dust in the air. The higher the density. the stronger the reflected light. When the dust sensor in the smoke sensor detects .that the concentration exceeds the set value, the circuit will generate an alarm signal to activate the on-site alarm device

Smoke sensors are everywhere

In the field of fire and smoke detection.the technology of combining gas sensors and traditional fire detectors has matured. And is widely used in fire scenes such as shopping malls, residences, hotels, warehouses, computer rooms, and automobiles.

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