Portable oxygen sensor

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The portable oxygen sensor is a gas detection instrument that can be carried around and powered by a lithium battery. It can detect the concentration of oxygen in the space, and emit sound, light, and vibration alarms when oxygen is insufficient or excessive, reminding the wearer to pay attention to safety.

The portable multifunctional gas detector uses a high-definition color screen to display the concentration in real time. Select electrochemical or infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, semiconductor, PID photoion principle gas sensors, and Swiss high-precision capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensors from the current excellent brands in the industry

The oxygen detection sensor can detect the oxygen gas concentration in the pipeline or in the confined space and the atmospheric environment. It can also detect gas leaks. It can detect more than 1,000 types of gases. It can also detect the purity of a single gas with a high concentration of nitrogen or oxygen as a variety of background gases. .

Apart from this,Function of portable oxygen sensor

On-site staff can carry it with them, and can be clipped on a clothing pocket or belt at will to achieve protection while working

Powerful and easy to operate

LCD dot matrix display technology, support Chinese and English display interface, can display Chinese gas names

Gas concentration unit μmol/mol, mg/m3 can be switched and displayed with one key

Portable oxygen sensor-One key to view battery voltage and battery power percentage

Portable oxygen sensor-One key to restore the factory settings function, can avoid the trouble of misoperation

Ultra-high buzzer sound, triple alarm of sound, light and vibration

Portable oxygen sensor-Store records for easy viewing

Standard configuration 1 set of alarm record function, and can be viewed on the instrument

When the storage function is optional, it can store more than 10,000 sets of historical data (optional)

More than 10,000 sets of alarm record data, and can be viewed on the instrument (optional)