Correct maintenance and main functions of methane detector

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 02 2021

The methane detector is an electronic instrument that measures the concentration of methane through the principle of catalytic combustion.

The methane detector is a special instrument for detecting methane gas leakage. The methane detector is related to the safety of enterprise workers and enterprise production. Therefore, only the correct maintenance and maintenance of the instrument can ensure the safe use of each time, including the correct charging and use of the instrument, which is related to the normal performance of the instrument.

Regarding the correct maintenance and maintenance of the methane detector, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. During use, avoid large shocks or collisions to the instrument, and maintain sufficient power.

2. The power should be sufficient at one time, not intermittently, and the charging time should be strictly in accordance with the regulations in the instruction manual.

3. After each use, regardless of whether the instrument is still powered, the instrument should be left under voltage and then fully charged to ensure normal use next time.

4. Regularly calibrate and calibrate the instrument to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

5. Pay attention to the validity period of the sensor and replace the sensor in time. Use the instrument away from the environment where hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, silicon vapor, etc. may cause sensor poisoning.

Main functions of methane detector:

1.Some methane detectors on the market adopt optical absorption method. An important type of instrumental analysis method for analysis based on the interaction of substances, detecting gas leakage without contact.

2.Generally speaking, the detection distance can reach up to 80 meters, and the long-distance measurement of gas is a guarantee for the safety of users.

3.Some methane detectors come with a split trigger lock, which is more convenient and safer.

4.The portable methane detector is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

5.Good selectivity, only reacts to methane. Effectively avoid the interference of other gases such as water vapor and automobile exhaust. At the same time, the sensitivity is high, even small leaks can be detected, and the response speed is fast. An alarm will be issued instantly at the leaking point, no alarm delay, maximum safety is guaranteed.

6.Some methane detectors on the market will adopt professional seismic design and should not be damaged. Because of the hand-held characteristics, it is generally easy to operate, and the detector has a sound and light alarm function.

Some products on the market use intrinsically safe instruments to improve safety performance. At present, due to the characteristics and functions of the methane detector, it can be widely used in urban gas transmission and distribution pipelines, refineries in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, chemical plants, metallurgical industries, power industries and other places where gas leakage may occur. Thereby ensuring the safety of workers and the safety of the corporate environment.