About the electrochemical H2S sensor for detecting the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the tunnel

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Toxic gas leak detector-At present, as the construction of road and railway transportation networks in our country is becoming more and more perfect. In the construction of these transportation networks, tunnels are often encountered.

There are often a large number of toxic and harmful gases in the tunnel. These gases have always been the main source of danger to the health and safety of the construction personnel. If the construction is improper, major safety accidents are very likely to occur.

What is Hydrogen sulfide gas

Therefore, gas sensors are often installed during construction to detect the concentration of toxic and harmful gases in the tunnel. For example, in tunnel construction. An electrochemical H2S sensor is used to detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is a colorless, flammable acid gas. Hydrogen sulfide can explode when the concentration in the air ranges from 4.3% to 45.5%. Hydrogen sulfide gas is highly toxic. And a small amount of low concentration can cause symptoms such as tearing, coughing, chest tightness, and fatigue. If the human body inhales a small amount of high-concentration hydrogen sulfide gas, it may be fatal in a short time.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor hydrogen sulfide gas in strict accordance with relevant regulations during construction. And implement key monitoring of coal-measure strata and strata with high gas content, and increase the density of monitoring sections as appropriate.

Toxic gas leak detector-At the same time, it is necessary to keep a record of the changes in the concentration of various toxic and harmful gases. And summarize them to the organization and command system in a timely and accurate manner. The sorting and analysis of toxic and harmful gas monitoring data must be carried out in an orderly manner under the premise of ensuring the safety of construction and production.

Jingxun Changtong electrochemical H2S sensor can continuously monitor online for 24 hours. The detection data is uploaded to the cloud platform in real time. And the data can be viewed through computer webpages, mobile apps, small programs, etc. And supports the export of historical data, linkage alarm functions, etc.