Function of VOC sensor

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The pump-suction sampling method can be directly connected to the flue and other gas outlet pipes. The gas entering the instrument is dried and filtered through devices such as steam traps, dehumidifiers and flow meters. Finally, enter the smart VOC sensor, through advanced detection technology, to measure the concentration of VOCs in the gas.

Protect the blue sky and white clouds and improve air quality. The built-in powerful sampling pump draws air directly from the atmosphere for testing. The monitoring range is large, the response and recovery time is short. And a variety of polluting gases can be monitored at the same time. It has a high spatiotemporal resolution capability and a keen sense of smell. Real-time monitoring of the environmental quality of large-scale industrial parks such as mining areas. Chemical areas, and printing industries on-site actual data or uploading to the cloud, government departments, etc.

Advantages of voc sensor

First, the standard technical route. Provide a complete set of supporting facilities system in accordance with relevant national environmental protection standards. And strong research and development capabilities to ensure the service life and measurement accuracy of the equipment. And can simultaneously monitor a variety of polluting gases.

Second, the program configuration is flexible. Provide customized services according to different industries and expand multiple solutions.

Third, a customized monitoring platform. One website masters all monitoring information, realizes multi-site data integration, analysis. Report and equipment linkage through the test platform, and the visualization software effectively improves the monitoring efficiency. Reduce pollutant emissions.

Combine advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, intelligent collection systems. Geographic information systems, and dynamic chart systems to integrate, share, and develop to establish a comprehensive. Refined, informatized, and intelligent regional online monitoring platform to achieve comprehensive management. Control the unorganized emission of pollution sources, reduce air pollution.

voc sensor
voc sensor