Gas detector sensor application in modern agriculture

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In order to better and more accurately monitor the concentration of ozone gas in the air, Jingxunchangtong specially launched an ozone gas detector sensor.


Pests and diseases have always been one of the important factors affecting the good harvest of crops. To prevent pests and diseases, the use of pesticides is often indispensable. However, due to the large area, irregular use and long-term random abuse of pesticides, it has caused very serious pollution to our earth's ecological environment, resulting in a rapid increase in harmful substances in the ecological environment, and endangering the safety of the ecological environment and even human life.

Application of ozone in agriculture

According to recent scientific researches, pesticides can be replaced by ozone gas. Ozone has the advantage of "sterilization and no residue" when preventing pests and diseases. As everyone knows, ozone is a special odor, colorless, and unstable gas. Ozone has strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties. It is one of the strongest oxidants in nature and can quickly kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. It is precisely because of this that ozone has large-scale applications in many fields and is called "green disinfectant".

Although ozone gas can prevent and treat crop plant diseases and insect pests, different crops have different tolerance to ozone. Therefore, if you plan to use ozone gas for sterilization and disinfestation of agricultural plants, you must do your homework first to find out what the range of ozone gas concentration that the crop can withstand. If the ozone concentration is too high, it will easily burn crop leaves, and in severe cases, it will even lead to a substantial reduction in crop production and death; if the ozone concentration is too low, it will not have a good effect on killing pests.

The Gas detector sensor uses electrochemical technology to measure the concentration of ozone in the air. When ozone gas enters the sensor, a chemical reaction will occur at the sensing electrode and a current will be generated. The ozone gas concentration will be further analyzed according to the magnitude of the detected current.

Gas detector sensor
Gas detector sensor