Introduction and characteristics of portable leak detector

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Speaking of portable leak detector, everyone is familiar with it. He can detect gas through natural diffusion.

Let’s take a look at the Freon portable leak meter today. Freon is a commonly used refrigerant. A colorless gas or volatile liquid form at room temperature. It doesn't taste great, and its chemical properties are stable. It is a working substance that continuously circulates in the refrigeration system and realizes refrigeration through its own state changes.

The thermal properties of Freon's different chemical compositions and structural refrigerants vary greatly. Some can be used for high temperature, and some are used for medium and low temperature refrigerators to meet different refrigeration temperature requirements. In addition to being used as a refrigerant, Freon is also widely used as a foaming agent and cleaning agent. It also appears in the fields of household appliances, automobiles and fire-fighting equipment.

Freon is almost completely incompatible with water, and its solubility in water is very small. Generally soluble in refrigerating oil, but at high temperatures, Freon will decompose from the refrigerating oil. Therefore, there will be a heater in the fuel tank of the large cooler to keep it at a certain temperature to prevent the dissolution of Freon.

Although air conditioners and refrigerators have brought great convenience to the commonly used electrical appliances in people's daily life, they have improved the comfort of people's lives. However, Freon refrigerant actually caused great damage to the environment. One is that the chlorine in the refrigerant will cause continuous damage to the ozone layer, and the other is their potential impact on the greenhouse effect.

Freon will destroy the ozone layer and produce a greenhouse effect. Thereby destroying the ecological balance of the environment and triggering a series of environmental hazards. In order to prevent Freon gas leakage, it is usually necessary to use a Freon portable leak detector for real-time monitoring.

Features of the portable leak detector:

1、Point-to-point detection to accurately detect the location of leaks;
2、The flexible probe can be lengthened and the serpentine tube can be bent to make the detection more convenient;
3、 Digital tube backlight display, can still be read clearly in low light conditions;
4、 When the detector is used to detect combustible gas, it can detect various organic liquid vapors.
5、 Real-time detection of Freon content, high-quality semiconductor probe, immediate response;
6、 The alarm value can be set, the detection value reaches the alarm value, and the sound and light alarm is triggered.

In addition, when the detected gas exists in the air, the higher the concentration of the gas, the higher the conductivity of the sensor. Using a simple circuit, the conductivity change can be converted into a signal output corresponding to the gas concentration.