Ozone detector application of in tap water disinfection

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The ozone detector can detect the concentration of ozone gas. And ozone is usually used in industries such as industrial production, disinfection and sterilization. What are the effects of specific application in tap water disinfection?


In modern life, tap water has gradually become one of the indispensable survival guarantees in people's daily life. It is the water for life and production that meets certain standards after a series of disinfection and purification treatments. The disinfection of tap water is directly related to the safety of human water. And also affects the health and safety of every human using tap water. There are usually many ways to disinfect tap water. Under the current circumstances, most water plants still use chlorine disinfection. Although the chlorine disinfection method has been constantly improving its methods. It still does not rule out the possibility of leaving harmful substances after chlorine disinfection. Therefore, people have begun to explore the search for safer disinfection methods that have less impact on human health. Ozone disinfection is one of the new disinfection methods.

What is Ozone

Ozone is a light blue gas with a special taste at room temperature. And its chemical formula is O3, which is extremely oxidizing. Ozone has poor stability at normal temperature and pressure and can be decomposed into oxygen. If the human body inhales a small amount of ozone, it will be beneficial to human health. And if it is excessive, it will harm human health. Therefore, in the process of using ozone gas to disinfect tap water. It is generally necessary to use an ozone sensor to detect the remaining gas after disinfection to prevent the remaining gas with too high ozone concentration from harming the air environment and the lives and health of personnel.

About ozone detection

In order to monitor the ozone gas concentration better and more accurately. We have specially developed and launched an ozone detector. This detector uses electrochemical technology to measure the concentration of ozone in the air. When the gas enters the detector. A chemical reaction will occur at the sensing electrode and a current will be generated. The ozone gas concentration will be further analyzed according to the magnitude of the detected current. . Our electrochemical ozone sensor reacts quickly and can accurately detect the concentration of ozone gas. The measurement data can be accurately measured to ppm level, the signal is stable, and the accuracy is high.

Ozone detector