Portable gas monitors which gases can the monitor?

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The portable gas monitors is used to detect the gas concentration in the environment and prevent the gas from leaking due to various hazards.

The concentration of gas in the environment can be monitored during use. Able to display various detection data on the portable gas monitor. At the same time, when the gas concentration in the environment exceeds a safe value. The portable gas detector will send out various alarm signals to remind safety. It is very convenient and reliable to use.

1. Type of gas

There are many kinds of gases. Mainly include: combustible gas, toxic and harmful gas, etc. Combustible gases include propane, propylene, natural gas, and coal gas. Toluene, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.

2.Gas detection standards

The reference standards for different gases are different. The standard for combustible gas detection is usually based on methane. This is why it is necessary to know which gases are present in a specific place of use.

3. The choice of portable gas monitors

Usually portability is required for safe work. On-site operators wear it at any time. The repair is for long-term uninterrupted testing in a production environment. Used to ensure the safety of the entire environment.

Precautions for the installation of the portable gas monitor:

1.It should be installed in non-explosion-proof places such as the instrument room, and it is strictly prohibited to install in explosion-proof places.

2.No matter which installation method is adopted, it should be fixed firmly to avoid vibration, dust and water, and the environment should meet the requirements of the instrument manual.

3.A relatively clean power supply should be used to avoid using the same power supply with large-scale electrical equipment.

4.The combustible gas controller should be grounded on the shell or the ground wire of the power plug.

5.It is strictly forbidden to damage the shell of the combustible gas controller, otherwise it will affect the shielding effect.