CO2 GasConsentration Detection-CO2 Gas Sensor

CO2 detector, waterproof, dustproof, accurate detection data, sound and light alarm, long service life. The portable CO2 detector can be used in indoor air detection, gas leakage, pharmaceutical factories and other scenes.

How can carbon dioxide CO2 detector help crops increase their yields

Background: As we know, water, light and carbon dioxide… 继续阅读How can carbon dioxide CO2 detector help crops increase their yields

CO2 gas detector-CO2 sensor & monitor-portable

Portable CO2 detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light and portable;

Multi gas sensor module-Support customization

The gas sensor module is widely used in the production and installation of portable

Air Negative Oxygen Ion Detector-air Quality Monitoring

The portable air negative oxygen ion detector is a product that adopts advanced tube capacitance technology.

CO2 sensor-CO2 detector-High precision CO2 Gas Detector

The CO2 Gas Detector has the characteristics of flexible use and simple operation. The CO2 Gas Detector is used in various gas leakage places

4 in 1 gas detector-Multi gas detector-NH3,O3,NO2,SO2,CO2

The Multi gas detector can detect NH3,Cl2,O3,H2,HCl,HCHO,PH3,HCN,N2,NO2,SO2,CO2,NO and other gases.

Air quality sensor indoor

The air quality sensor can monitor parameters such as PM2.5/10, TVOC, eCO2, temperature and humidity in the air, and can be used indoors and outdoors.