Application of combustible gas detector

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Brief introduction of Works

According to Chinese law, combustible gas is an extremely dangerous substance that endangers people's lives and property. Therefore, it is necessary to install gas detectors in homes and public places to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

Gas detectors are devices that detect gas leaks in homes and public places. They are usually installed in a room or apartment and can detect a gas leak within seconds. They can also detect gas leaks in underground storage tanks, pipes, gas appliances and elsewhere.

CH4 gas alarm control system

Type of gas detector :

There are three types of gas detectors: mechanical, electronic and combined. Mechanical gas detectors are simple and reliable, but they cannot detect gas leaks in underground storage tanks and pipelines. Electronic gas detectors are more accurate and can detect gas leaks in pipelines, gas appliances and underground storage tanks. Combination gas detectors are suitable for above and underground installation and can be installed in residential and commercial buildings.

Installation and maintenance of gas detectors :

Gas detectors should be installed in homes and public places to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Installation shall be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures. First, the gas detector should be installed in the room or apartment where there is a gas leak. The room or apartment should be clear of obstructions such as electrical equipment and gas appliances. Next, the gas detector should be installed in a position that is easy to maintain and operate. It should be installed at least 3 meters away from the air source. Finally, the gas detector should be connected to the gas main or gas appliance via a gas pipeline or gas meter.

Gas detectors should be maintained regularly to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Maintenance should include regular cleaning, adjustment and calibration. The connection between the gas detector and the gas main or gas appliance should also be checked to ensure timely detection of gas leaks.

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Combustible gas detector

Combustible gas detector is a device used to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the air. It is usually installed indoors or outdoors and can detect a variety of combustible gases such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas. The combustible gas detector works by using electrochemical sensors to detect combustible gases in the air. When the combustible gas is in contact with the electrochemical sensor, an electrochemical reaction will occur and the sensor will produce a change in current. This change can be detected by an electronic control system inside the sensor and converted into a digital signal output.

In conclusion, combustible gas detector is a very useful equipment, can help us timely detect indoor or outdoor air combustible gas, so as to ensure our safety.