The application of co transmitter is very important

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How Dogs Saved Humans From Carbon Monoxide

Dogs are sensitive to the adverse symptoms of carbon monoxide. In the case of one family in Iowa, their gas fireplace was defective and leaking carbon monoxide. The family dog started behaving strangely, jumping up and down on the bed late at night. Shortly after the co transmitter goes off in alarm.

CO gas sensor
CO gas sensor

What if my pet is poisoned by carbon monoxide?

Exposure to oxygen is the best treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning. Take your cat or dog to the vet and ask for oxygen therapy. Continue oxygen until signs resolve or carboxyhemoglobin levels decrease.

How Do Gas Leaks Affect Dogs?

When a gas leak occurs, the natural gas displaces oxygen and reduces the oxygen supply, leading to hypoxic poisoning for you and your pets. A typical gas used in households is a supply of natural gas consisting mainly of methane. Methane is odorless to humans and dogs, so it cannot be detected. However, natural gas contains mercaptans, which are very foul-smelling sulfurous gases. Dogs are sometimes trained to sniff thiols. In fact, there are specialized sniffer dogs that identify natural gas pipeline leaks by sniffing for mercaptans.

NDIR Modules Detect  Gas detector
NDIR Modules Detect Gas detector

Final words

Don't rely on a sensitive olfactory system and a dog's nose to save you from carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide gas is odorless to all animals including pet dogs and cats.
Carbon monoxide is more prevalent in winter - be aware and make sure all appliances are well ventilated and annual inspections have been completed.
Always make sure you live or travel with a co transmitter.

co transmitter
co transmitter

JXCT co transmitter

The CO alarm adopts imported first-line major brand chemical sensors, which have the characteristics of rapid and sensitive response, strong anti-interference ability, long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. The carbon monoxide alarm detector is suitable for detecting confined living places: The concentration of carbon monoxide in agricultural greenhouses, production workshops, indoor barbecues, agricultural breeding and other environments.

The carbon monoxide alarm is mainly composed of two parts: the conduction or conversion system. The CO gas detection sensor alarm based on carbon monoxide gas detection can detect the concentration of the dangerous gas CO exposed to the environment, and clearly read the gas concentration, peak value, and high and low concentration alarm levels. If the current high and low gas concentration values exceed the preset limit values, the alarm will alert the user through sound and light alarms.