Detailed introduction of carbon monoxide detectors

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Why use a carbon monoxide detector

Dogs and cats can't smell carbon monoxide. In fact, no animal can sense or detect carbon monoxide. Although dogs have a superior olfactory system compared to humans, carbon monoxide gas is odorless to all dogs. However, while they cannot smell carbon monoxide, dogs, cats and other small animals are more sensitive to the adverse toxic effects when inhaling carbon monoxide gas. Watch for sudden or unusual behavior in your pet, such as anger or anxiety, refusal to cooperate, vomiting, unusual behavior, difficulty breathing, and redness of the gums, ears, and lips. It can be seen from this that the use of a carbon monoxide detector is a very important existence.

Carbon Monoxide Pet Protection Carbon Monoxide Detector

Early and low concentration carbon monoxide detectors will help protect your dogs and cats from early carbon monoxide poisoning. The smaller the pet, the more sensitive it is to the adverse health effects of carbon monoxide.

Small animals with smaller lung capacity are more sensitive to high concentrations of carbon monoxide than larger animals. In fact, the first carbon monoxide alarm is the canary in the coal mine, as birds are particularly susceptible and often show carbon monoxide symptoms first.

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Can birds detect carbon monoxide?

They really can. Birds are very small and are quickly affected by carbon monoxide, and some pet birds have even saved their lives by dying before the indoor occupants.

How cats saved humans from carbon monoxide

There are various reports that cats actually save humans from carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning. Since cats are adversely affected by carbon monoxide, they may respond in ways that alert humans. This was the case in Michigan, where the cat in the house became irritated and woke up the family, thus acting as an early warning of carbon monoxide exposure.

NDIR Modules Detect CO Gas
NDIR Modules Detect CO Gas

NDIR Modules Detect CO detector

CO gas sensor module adopts non dispersive infrared technology, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, oxygen free dependence, stable signal, accurate measurement, low power consumption and long service life. CO gas sensor module has diffusion type and pump type, which can be selected according to the demand.