Application of JXCT smoke alarm

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Background of smoke alarm

Smoke detection alarms are widely used in daily life production. Whether in residential areas or in industrial parks, smoke detection alarms can be seen everywhere. The main function of the device is to monitor the fire safety situation in the area. Once smoke is sensed, it will quickly call the police. It is equivalent to a pair of sharp eyes that do not stop for 24 hours, always observing the surrounding fire situation. Due to its high functionality, low cost, and the need for fire management, it is widely used in the market, and smoke detectors are installed in almost every place to monitor fires. At present, domestic smoke alarms are all photoelectric. Due to the high market demand, there are many brands of smoke detectors on the market. When you choose a product, you will face the problem of how to choose.

Where to use smoke alarms

Smoke detection alarms can be used in various places. There are no special requirements in most places, but if there is a fire protection renovation in an old place, it is recommended to use a wireless detection alarm, because the wireless type does not require wiring during installation. It can be directly installed where it needs to be installed, and its data transmission is completed by the built-in wireless network card, which is very convenient. Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Smoke alarm regulatory flexibility

Ordinary smoke alarms are connected by wires, and all devices and collected information are monitored on a certain host device. This supervision method has relatively large limitations and requires a dedicated person to monitor the host device in real time. If you want more flexible supervision, it is recommended to choose an independent wireless smoke alarm. Since this detector works wirelessly throughout the whole process, all data is directly uploaded to the cloud platform, not limited to a certain device. Users only need to log in to the system through the account password to access the cloud platform data, and the management method is more flexible.

Smoke alarm, alarm arrival rate

General smoke alarms can only alarm on the spot, which requires consideration of a problem: if there is no one at the scene, then the alarm is useless. Considering the arrival rate of alarm information, wireless smoke alarm should be selected. This new type of alarm can not only carry out on-site alarm, but also transmit the alarm information to the system's preset management in the form of telephone calls and SMS employee calls through the fire protection system. In this way, regardless of whether there are people on the scene, the alarm information can be transmitted to ensure the arrival rate.

In addition to various functions, the selection of smoke detection alarm must also consider its sensitivity and false alarm rate to improve the efficiency of fire alarm. The independent wireless smoke detection alarm adopts the photoelectric principle and has a built-in NB wireless module. Based on photoelectric technology, it is more sensitive to white smoke, black smoke and smoldering smoke. It can detect the smoke generated in the event of a fire and give an alarm in time.

Install a smoke detector in each individual room

Generally speaking, each independent room needs to install a smoke alarm. For example, if your home has three bedrooms and one living room, you generally need to install three smoke alarms. If it is a large space, install a smoke alarm every 30 square meters. However, it should be noted that the kitchen does not need to be installed. Because it will produce smoke when cooking, it is easy to cause false alarms. Also, for smokers, keep the air flowing. If you smoke in a confined space, when the smoke gathers to a certain extent, it will also cause false alarms.

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