Introduction and application of mems sensor

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What are MEMS sensors?

Sensors are one of the essential components of today's digital world. Since all calculations and processing are done on digital signals, there should be a medium between the analog world and digital electronics. Sensors bridge this gap as they are used to observe the time effects of simulated physical parameters and generate meaningful information (to the computer). The modern definition of a sensor is sometimes confusing, but in simple terms, a sensor is a device that contains basic sensing elements that sense a physical quantity such as temperature or humidity and convert it into an electrical signal. Sensors also contain signal processing units such as amplifiers, filters or ADCs or a combination of these elements. When it comes to MEMS sensors, if the sensor is designed and manufactured using MEMS technology, then it is called a micromachined miniature sensor or simply a MEMS sensor.

Different types of MEMS sensors

One of the major implementers of MEMS technology is the automotive industry. Modern vehicles use a large number of sensors, most of which are MEMS-based devices. Below is a list of MEMS sensors used in modern vehicles.

Accelerometers – used for electronic stability control and airbag deployment.
Inertial Measurement Units or IMUs (which are a combination of MEMS accelerometers and MEMS gyroscopes) – used to measure yaw, pitch and roll for autonomous driving.
• Magnetometer - used for directions in navigation.
• Pressure and inertial sensors - for brake control.
Pressure sensor—tire pressure monitoring system.
•Air flow sensor - air intake monitoring.
• Fuel sensor – Fuel level indicator.
•Shock and Crash Sensors - Impact detection and airbag deployment.
•MEMS microphones – for communication and noise reduction.
•Temperature sensor – for automatic climate control and engine temperature monitoring.
There are many other MEMS-based devices available for various applications.


MEMS sensors are used in various applications such as control and handling equipment, management robots, automobiles, fixtures, etc. You can find these sensors in modern inkjet printers, color projectors, display systems, clocks and scanning devices.

MEMS technology is used to manufacture different sensors such as pressure, temperature, vibration and chemical sensors.

Accelerometers, gyroscopes, electronic compasses, etc. are some of the commonly used MEMS sensors in cars, helicopters, airplanes, drones, and ships.

Some of the application areas of MEMS based sensors are mentioned below:

Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Industrial Automation and Manufacturing
Defense, Space and Aviation
Environmental and Health Sciences
Computing and Communications
consumer products