What to consider when purchasing a gas leak detector

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Gas leak detectors are commonly used to detect toxic, hazardous or flammable gases. Toxic gas detectors are generally used in biochemical, pharmaceutical, construction and other industries, while combustible gas detectors are often used in coal mines, petroleum, chemical, fuel and other industries. With the rapid development of the industry, the monitoring of gases in the environment is essential, so how should we choose gas detectors? At present, there are portable gas leak detectors and fixed gas leak detectors provided by manufacturers and suppliers. These two gas leak detectors are divided into 1-in-1, 2-in-1, 4-in-1 and other specifications. The products of these different specifications have different application functions for gases. Different industries and different occasions have different detection standards, and the detection standards of different gases are also different. Choose a good gas detector, pay attention to use the instrument according to the purpose and occasion of use.

Multi gas detector
How to choose the right gas detector?

It is necessary to determine the type and concentration standard of the gas to be detected.

The gases detected in different environments are different. Before choosing a gas detector, you must first determine what kind of gas to measure, what is the appropriate concentration range for this gas, and even consider all possible situations. For example, in environments where methane or other less toxic alkane gases are present, choose the LEL detector. It is used for environmental detection of CO, H 2 and other toxic gases. To ensure the personal safety of testers and staff in the environment, a specific gas detector should be selected. For chemical environments with many organic harmful gases (such as aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia, etc.), photoionization detectors must be used, which can not only obtain more accurate detection results, but also avoid the use of LEL detectors. Possibility of casualties. If the environment may mix multiple gases, then the multi-type detector is the most suitable choice.

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Also consider the applicable occasions of different detectors.

Fixed gas detector is a kind of detection instrument commonly used in industrial production and installation. It is an instrument installed on a fixed monitoring point to detect fixed gases. Gas monitoring is done by circuits, sensors and alarm devices. And choose the height position of the sensor installation according to the density of the gas. The portable gas detector is light and portable, and can be easily carried to different environments. Since their power supply is powered by alkaline batteries, they can work longer, so they are becoming more and more widely used.

For example, in some long-running industrial production or storage sites, fixed gas detectors can be used to detect toxic gas leakage and harmful gases. Portable instruments are used for other special gas detection in other industries, such as emergency gas detection in underground tunnels, combustible gas detection, patrol inspection and so on.