CO gas monitoring in boiler room

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CO gas detector selection

We (JXCT) offer a range of solutions for continuous CO gas monitoring. For smaller boilers, a CO alarm or independent CO gas detector can be installed, or it can be connected to the boiler control unit and fire protection system. For large boiler installations where the ceiling of the traditional detector is too high, the explosion-proof CO detector is the ideal solution. Continuous samplers allow individuals to place them in convenient locations; This means that engineers do not need permission to work at altitude to maintain the system. This is the best option.

CO gas alarm
Understanding the Dangers of CO Poisoning

By preventing the ability for blood to carry oxygen, CO poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain and shortness of breath, at relatively low levels. Health can rapidly deteriorate if an individual remains in a high CO environment, with more severe symptoms including vertigo, heart attacks, seizures and loss of consciousness. Death can quickly follow. As CO can pass through gypsum wallboard, individuals have been reported dying from CO produced in neighbouring accommodations. While patient deaths from CO poisoning have been in decline in the last 25 years, 4.6 deaths per million are estimated to result from CO poisoning worldwide. Furthermore, colder nations that rely more on heating systems are at greater risk of CO poisoning that warmer countries.

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Portable CO Detectors for Personal Safety

For boiler engineers and gas testing engineers, CO and combustible materials testing is very important. This is because engineers do not know if the site has an effective continuous detection system and provides a last line of defense for detecting leaks. These devices can be carried or worn as PPE or clipped to clothing and have long battery life. JXCT can offer CO portable gas detectors or multiple gas detectors, including CO and flammable sensors on the same unit.