Air quality monitoring equipment can be used to identify indoor pollutants

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to Indoor air quality. It includes indoor air temperature, humidity, air cleanliness and fresh air volume. In the past, indoor air quality was mainly studied by temperature and humidity. This year, as a result of the introduction of air-conditioning system in modern buildings, office modernization, the popularity of household appliances and the improvement of building and energy-saving sealing, indoor air pollutants can not be replaced, resulting in "bedroom syndrome" generation, which has caused extensive attention of people. Now indoor air purification has become one of the focus of indoor environmental protection.

Indoor air quality monitoring equipment:

Don't take your home's indoor air quality for granted. Studies show that 96 percent of households have at least one kind of indoor air quality problem. Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors can help you stay ahead of the game by reporting levels of common pollutants and other air conditions in your home in real time.

The culprit could be anything from excessive dust to high humidity to emissions of household cleaners or building materials. Without IAQ monitors, these things may go undetected even in the face of allergy-like symptoms or potentially more serious health effects from indoor pollutants.

Most IAQ monitors alert you to unsafe levels through indicators and/or push notifications to your smartphone or tablet. Some indoor air quality monitors will also track outdoor air quality to provide context for your indoor readings. The measurement results are typically displayed on the IAQ device's own screen and in companion applications on the mobile device.

Air quality monitoring system
Air quality monitoring system
The harm of indoor formaldehyde:

Sources of formaldehyde in indoor air pollution: artificial boards and adhesives such as plywood, joinery board, MDF and particleboard for interior decoration. Prefabricated board, stick wall cloth, stick wall paper, chemical fiber carpet, foam plastic, paint and coating.

Hazards: long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases. Causes nasopharyngeal, colon, and brain cancers. Menstrual disorder, pregnancy syndrome, cause newborn chromosome abnormality, leukemia. Cause adolescent memory and intelligence decline and so on.

Benzene is a major culprit in indoor air pollution

The benzene source in indoor air pollution: basically in the following a few kinds of adornment material is taller: paint, day that water, thin material, all sorts of adhesive, waterproof material and a few low grade and fake paint.

Hazards: People who inhale high concentrations of toluene and xylene in a short period of time may experience dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue and blurred consciousness in mild cases, or coma resulting in respiratory and circulatory failure and death in severe cases. If long-term exposure to a certain concentration of toluene and xylene will cause chronic poisoning, headache, insomnia, lethargy, memory loss and other neurasthenia symptoms.

Indoor pollutant TVOC

Sources of TVOC in indoor air pollution: May enter from outdoor air or be emitted from building materials, cleaning agents, cosmetics, wax products, carpets, furniture, laser printers, photocopiers, adhesives and indoor paints.

Harm: eye discomfort: burning, dry, foreign body sensation, edema; Throat discomfort: dry throat; Breathing problems: shortness of breath; Asthma headache, anemia, dizziness, fatigue, irritability.

Application of air quality sensors

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in the development and innovation process of air purifiers, in addition to the basic particle dust purification function, many manufacturers have also developed a variety of air purifier products for different user needs. Among them, sensors play an important role, such as: air quality (formaldehyde, VOC) sensors and PM2.5 sensors have basically become the standard configuration of air purifiers.Through intelligent detection of home air quality to automatically run the machine and control the speed of the motor. There are also purifiers with water mist humidification function, which will increase the temperature and humidity sensor to control the humidification function and keep the air comfortable.

air Quality Monitoring
Air quality monitoring equipment
Air Quality Monitoring:

Portable air negative oxygen ion detector is a product of advanced tube capacitor technology. The unique air buffering technology ensures stable air flow and reliable ion capture. The portable air negative oxygen ion detector has exquisite technology, large digital display and direct data reading. Automatic shift, easy to use, consistent performance. High reliability and applicability. Convenient for professional analysis and analysis of atmospheric ions. The product can also accurately measure the amount of burning anion of ore, anion powder and other objects. Air negative oxygen ion detector can detect the air temperature and humidity, formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other air quality.