How bad is the air quality in the subway? Air quality sensors tell you

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Air quality has always been a topic of constant concern. However, everyone pays more attention to air pollution, while ignoring the potential hazards of subway air. The subway is an important travel tool for modern "dagong workers". It has been closely linked with our lives. Every morning and evening peak period or around major holidays, the subway will fully open the "full mode". As the weather gets hotter, crowding the subway becomes an unpleasant thing. Under the blessing of high temperature in summer, although there is air conditioning in the subway. But still looks hot and humid. And there are various odors in the air, which are very unpleasant. Most subways are built deep underground, and the stations are connected by a complex system of tunnels. It is a relatively closed space. The air exchange between the subway station and the outside world can only be carried out through the station entrance and exit and the limited tunnel ventilation shaft. We can monitor it using air quality sensors.

air quality sensor
air quality sensors
Monitor with air quality sensor:

Some data show that when the population density increases in the morning and evening peaks, 5 million small particles can be produced per minute. Like falling skin flakes, sneezing droplets, fibers on clothes, dust from soles, etc., people may be inhaled at any time. The high density of people in the station released a lot of odor and carbon dioxide. In addition, the subway environment is hot and humid, and there is no sunlight. Facilitates the survival of microorganisms or the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. When people of different health levels come together and move. It is easy to lead to the spread and spread of tuberculosis, influenza virus, skin disease, hepatitis B, dysentery and other diseases.

The air quality sensor can monitor parameters such as PM2.5/10, TVOC, eCO2, temperature and humidity in the air, and can be used indoors and outdoors.Multifunctional air quality sensors can not only be used in subway stations, but also widely used in building HVAC, building energy conservation, smart homes, schools, hospitals, airport stations and other places.