Analysis of Characteristics of Ammonia Gas Detector

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Ammonia gas detector is a product that can quickly detect ammonia gas. There are several sources of ammonia gas. Such as the deposition of ammonium salts and nitrates in the soil, nitrogen fixation by plants, combustion, building decoration, chemical industry and the use of automobiles, etc. will produce ammonia gas. According to the different types of sensors, ammonia gas detectors can be divided into three types: infrared ammonia gas detectors, semiconductor ammonia gas detectors and electrochemical ammonia gas detectors. Electrochemical principle ammonia gas detector is widely used. The electrochemical ammonia gas sensor has the advantages of simple operation and low cost value. The advantages of high sensitivity are widely used in many fields.

NH3 sensor
NH3 sensor
Ammonia gas detector:

The most important part of the ammonia gas detector is the ammonia gas sensor. Their structure and composition play a crucial role in the performance of ammonia gas detectors. It can be said that the ammonia gas sensor is the core of the ammonia gas detector. Electrochemical ammonia gas detector not only has detection function, but also has its own alarm function. The real-time detection data and alarm status can be transmitted to the security control center through the wireless module function. You can view it by downloading the app on your computer or mobile phone. Ammonia gas detectors are available in fixed and portable categories. Fixed ammonia gas detector only needs to fix the instrument in a certain position, so the detection range is limited, and it is suitable for relatively high concentration or remote areas. The portable ammonia gas detector is small in size, low in price and simple in operation, which is very suitable for real-time field inspection and inspection by personnel.

The NH3 gas detector can detect NH3. NH3 gas detector can realize free combination of multiple parameters, support customization, 4G transmission mode can be selected, data can be viewed remotely, and the operation is simple.NH3 gas detector, waterproof, dustproof, accurate detection data, sound and light alarm, long service life.