The role of TVOC gas sensor

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TVOC is total volatile organic compounds. It refers to the general term for various organic compounds that can be volatilized into gases at room temperature. The main components include aromatics, alkenes, hydrocarbons, halogens, aldehydes, alkanes, esters, etc. It can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, and damage the human liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system. Paints or paints emit VOCs when they are used. Human exposure to excessive VOCs can cause great harm. The VOC gas detector can monitor the concentration of VOC content in real time, improve air quality and improve people's health. Monitoring can be done using TVOC sensors.

TVOC sensors
TVOC sensors
Hazards of TVOC Sensors

Indoor TVOC components mainly come from building materials, interior decoration materials, living and office supplies and other items. Such as man-made panels, thermal insulation foam, and plastic panels among building materials. Paints, paints, adhesives, wallpapers and carpets in upholstery materials. Cosmetics and detergents for daily necessities. Office supplies mainly refer to ink, copiers, typewriters, etc. In addition to this, household fuel and smoking, excreta and outdoor manufacturing exhaust emissions. Vehicle exhaust and photochemical pollution are also the main reasons that affect the source of TVOC components of indoor total volatile organic compounds. Air quality sensors monitor the TVOC concentration in indoor air. To ensure that people live in a healthy natural environment.

The portable TVOC detector adopts PID detection principle, with accurate detection data, sound and light alarm and long-lasting endurance. The portable TVOC detector can be used for VOC detection in factory boundary and coal mine.