Significance of using toxic and harmful gas sensors in tunnels

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During the construction of tunnels, subways and mines. A large amount of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases will appear and exist. When flammable and explosive gas encounters open flames, sparks, electric sparks, etc. in the air, it will cause deflagration and explosion. Huge injury to construction workers and the site. And toxic and harmful gases are also a huge threat to the human body. will affect the construction efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the gas according to the use of combustible gas, toxic and harmful gas sensors. When the safety upper limit is reached, an alarm will be issued to remind relevant personnel to take effective safety protection measures.

Multi Gas detector
Multi Gas detector
Introduction of toxic and harmful gas sensors

In fact, the tunnel construction installed gas detector alarm system. Appropriate equipment needs to be selected. Mainly divided into: determine the type and quantity of the detected gas, select the appropriate gas detector alarm system equipment, configure the required wires and cables, and install the equipment. Finally, the construction personnel will install according to the exclusive installation plan designed by Jingxun Smooth. After installation, power on and test that the gas detector alarm system equipment can work normally.

Fixed multi-gas detector, dual-channel, supports the detection of toxic and combustible gases, O2 and combustible gases, O2 and toxic gases and other gas combinations, multi-gas detector is both on-site buzzer indicator sound, on-site flashing indicator lights and other functions, And real-time display the detector that monitors the gas concentration on site.