Talking about portable Phosphine gas Sensor

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Phosphine PH3 is a very toxic gas, but it is widely used. For example, our common grain depots use phosphine as a fumigant gas to eliminate pests and diseases. In this way, there will be phosphine residues on site. Because on-site rapid detection of phosphine PH3 concentration is very necessary. So what is needed to quickly and accurately detect phosphine PH3 concentrations in the field? Can be monitored with a portable phosphine gas sensor.

PH3 sensor
PH3 sensor
Portable Phosphine Gas Sensor

Portable PH3 sensors are used in gas storage leakage monitoring, drug factory, food factory, hospital gas disinfection residue detection, electrostatic precipitator, gas generator, air purifier, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection scene.

Phosphine is a highly toxic and flammable substance. In various scenarios, once we inhale phosphine. It will affect our heart, respiratory system, kidneys, stomach, nervous system and liver, which is very harmful to our health. At the same time, once it is mixed with the air in the environment, it is very easy to explode when encountering open fire or high temperature. wait for danger. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the task of phosphine gas monitoring.

The PH3 gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light and portable.The PH3 gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light and portable.One-click export/fast and convenient, you can enter the menu to view, and you can browse/delete records.echargeable lithium battery, support mobile power, large battery capacity, long standby time.The anti-slip design is based on the principle of human mechanics to ensure product sensitivity and accuracy.Enhance the comfort of the human body and conform to the operating habits of the human body.When the detected gas is more than the set gas value, the sensor will turn on the light alarm and the high-decibel buzzer will beep.The instrument is marked red to remind in time, and the safety is high.