Portable natural gas leak detector

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Portable natural gas leak detector

Natural gas is not only a clean energy source, but also a flammable and explosive gas. If it is maintained and used improperly, it will cause safety accidents such as gas leakage. Once the gas leaks, it mixes with air to a certain concentration to form an explosive gas. At this time, if it encounters an open flame, rubbing static electricity, or connecting a mobile phone.. .Switching various electrical appliances.It is very easy to cause explosions and other safety accidents.

The main component of natural gas is alkanes, of which methane accounts for the vast majority. And there are also a small amount of ethane, propane and butane. In addition, there are generally hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor, and a small amount of carbon monoxide and traces of rare gases, such as helium and argon. . Then let us know about this natural gas leak detector-portable methane detector

natural gas leak detector:The CH4 gas detector can detect Methane. CH4 gas detector can realize free combination of multiple parameters,


The CH4 gas detector can detect Methane. CH4 gas detector can realize free combination of multiple parameters. Support customization, 4G transmission mode can be selected, data can be viewed remotely.. And the operation is simple.CH4 gas detector, waterproof, dustproof, accurate detection data, sound and light alarm, long service life. The CH4 gas detector can be used in gas leakage, pharmaceutical factories and other scenes.


(1) High-definition IPS large color screen, 2-inch high-quality IPS large screen, intuitively display data;
(2) The front sensor probe avoids improper operation and measurement error, and the data is more accurate;
(3) High-sensitivity probes, using high-sensitivity probes, high-quality chemical probes and catalysis probes.. The reaction is sensitive and the measurement is more accurate;
(4) Long-lasting battery life, USB ready to use and charge, support mobile power, 3000mA large capacity battery (optional);
(5) Dual interface display of measurement information, intelligent holographic numerical display;
(6) High and low value two-way alarm, high and low value can be set freely.


The CH4 gas detector are widely used in various fields such as petrochemicals, metallurgical mining, industrial manufacturing, municipal construction. Power grids, sewage treatment, papermaking, fire protection, biopharmaceuticals, animal husbandry, household environmental protection, university experiments, scientific research units, etc.