The dust online monitoring system monitors the air quality of the atmospheric environment on the construction site

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 31 2021

The dust online monitoring system realizes real-time online monitoring of the dust on the construction site. The use of this system can effectively improve the air quality of the construction site and control the pollution in the city. At present, the construction industry is developing very rapidly, and the on the construction site will make the air quality situation more and more severe.

In order to fight the battle against pollution, the state has issued a series of regulations to improve the air quality of the atmosphere. The use of the online monitoring system meets the environmental quality supervision requirements of the environmental protection department, can monitor the actual situation of dust pollution in real time, facilitate timely and effective measures to control the dust pollution, and improve the efficiency and ability of scientific management of construction enterprises.

Introduction of Dust Online Monitoring System:

The dust online monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring of , PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise. Ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental factors. The monitoring data can be directly uploaded to the monitoring background through wireless communication. Which greatly saves the monitoring cost of the environmental protection department and improves the monitoring efficiency.

The dust online monitoring system is mainly composed of data collectors, sensors. Video monitoring systems, wireless transmission systems, background data processing systems, and information monitoring management platforms. The monitoring station integrates multiple sensor equipment such as PM2.5, PM10 monitoring. Ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction monitoring, and noise monitoring. The data platform is a networked platform with an Internet architecture. Which has the monitoring function of each sub-station and the alarm processing, recording, query, statistics. Report output and other functions of the data. The system can also link various pollution control devices, such as fog cannons, to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

The dust environmental monitoring system is mainly used for online dust. Environmental protection, weather stations, tunnels, etc. To monitor the discharge of unorganized smoke and dust pollution sources and residential areas. Commercial areas, road traffic, construction areas, etc. It can monitor data changes in real time, and unique equipment visualization and The large-screen visual design page is convenient for supervisory personnel to monitor.