best carbon monoxide detector

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In winter, everyone likes to close doors and windows tightly and light a fire to keep warm. Gathering together to eat hot pot is warm and lively, and it is the first choice for winter gatherings. When driving, keep warm air even when the car is stopped. As everyone knows, these behaviors are precisely likely to attract invisible killers-leading to carbon monoxide poisoning! , So this requires an instrument that can detect carbon monoxide-best carbon monoxide detector

best carbon monoxide detector

Jingxun Changtong-carbon monoxide detector series products are mainly composed of electrochemical carbon monoxide modules, NDIR infrared carbon monoxide sensors, carbon monoxide semiconductor sensors and other transparent modules, split type, explosion-proof type, large LCD screen and other appearance forms, multiple detection Principle equipment composition. Various signal output methods such as RS485, 4G, Nb-iot, LORA, 4-20Ma, analog quantity, etc., can better meet the needs, and can be widely used in scientific research, gas detection, control quality monitoring and other fields.

Ethernet type carbon monoxide sensor

Ethernet type carbon monoxide detector, toxic gas sensor, industrial gas detection, factory direct sales, complete varieties and models. It can be matched with a variety of display instruments, and the data can be displayed intuitively. The sensor uses an electrochemical probe, which has higher accuracy and stability than traditional semiconductor probes.

Wall-mounted carbon monoxide detector

Wall-mounted carbon monoxide sensor, high stability, high accuracy, fast response, factory direct sales, support customization, a variety of gas detection sensors, dedicated to monitoring carbon monoxide gas leakage devices, fast data transmission, is widely used in factory warehouses, pollution emissions, chemical plants, Fuel plant, etc.

Infrared CO gas module

The infrared CO gas sensor module is a gas sensor module that adopts the principle of NDIR infrared absorption detection. The CO gas sensor module adopts imported light source, special structure optical cavity and dual channel detector to realize spatial dual optical path reference compensation. The microprocessor performs signal acquisition, processing and output, and the linear error is better than ±1 of the full range %. Small zero drift, good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence, long life, low power consumption; CO gas module has a built-in temperature sensor that can be temperature compensated.