There are also VOC emissions in the home environment, where does it come from

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VOC emission background:

When it comes to VOC, we may first think of smog. When winter is approaching, cloudy, gray, and hazy days seem to have become common weather phenomena. Without the shining sun in the summer sky, and without the white snow on the ground in winter, it is just such a gray and gloomy one that often makes people feel deeply depressed. Regarding air pollution, it is also a new term in recent years. PM2.5 has gradually become known to people. Even VOC has begun to appear in our daily lives in large numbers. More and more people are paying attention to VOC and paying attention to VOC emissions. You can use a portable VOC detector to detect the home air environment we live in.

Introduction to VOC emissions:

VOC is the abbreviation of Volatile Organic Compounds and is one of the important precursors for PM2.5. From the perspective of environmental protection, VOC is the more active type of volatile organic compounds. That is, the type of volatile organic compounds that are harmful to our body or the environment. We know that VOCs mostly come from alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, aldehydes, and active ketones produced by the combustion of automobile exhaust in outdoor environments and fuels.

They also include large amounts of chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, construction sites, downtown areas and other areas. Emission of VOC. We know that we seldom go out or wear masks in severe haze weather, but do you know? Households also have VOC emissions, and the U.S. government has conducted research in previous years and found that the amount of VOC released by household products is two to three times more serious than the U.S. government’s previous estimates.

VOCs in homes or indoor places come from construction and decoration materials, furniture, oil fume. Combustion products of gas and natural gas, detergents, perfumes, nail polishes and hair sprays, etc. At room temperature, the vaporized form of VOC exists in the air. Part of the VOC is toxic and can cause allergies, headaches and nausea. Even non-toxic VOCs are not good for human health. Vulnerable groups around us, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and children. Have very weak resistance to this kind of polluted air. If exposed to high concentrations of polluted air for a long time. It is very likely to induce serious diseases such as leukemia, so before the pain occurs . It is necessary to do a good job in air quality monitoring in time.

Introduction of portable VOC detector:

Jingxuntong’s portable VOC detector adopts explosion-proof design. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, good in detection performance, and simple in operation, which meets the requirements of customers for rapid and accurate detection of VOCs on a variety of sites. With a 3.5-inch high-definition full viewing angle, IPS industrial color screen. The concentration unit of the device can be switched freely, and an intelligent fall alarm is provided. It can be dustproof, explosion-proof, and anti-electromagnetic interference. It adopts pump-suction sampling method with temperature compensation function. GPRS wireless transmission, large capacity TF memory card function.

VOC emissions
VOC emissions