Air quality monitors are needed to detect air quality

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Check air quality background:

With the rapid development of modern society, not only has the water environment been polluted to a great extent. But the atmospheric environment on which we depend is also polluted to a great extent. People are gradually paying more and more attention to their own health problems. Which is in sharp contrast and contradiction with pollutants. Fortunately, we can use some instruments to Check air quality. Taking the detection of air quality as an example, we can detect some values in the air through the pen. And then make corresponding production adjustments based on these values.

Introduction of air quality monitor:

The air quality monitor is equipped with a variety of sensors, including PM10 sensor, PM2.5 sensor, TVOC sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc. From these sensors, we can also understand the specific detection objects of the air quality detector. Such as CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, etc.

The scope of application of this instrument is also very wide. It is suitable for fixed pollution areas such as urban residential areas, key industrial enterprises. And unorganized open areas such as road traffic, catering, agricultural production, and key pollution boundaries. The scope will continue to expand. After the new house is renovated, we generally choose to ventilate it before moving in. What we blow dry is the decoration odor with formaldehyde as the main component. When detecting the value of this odor, an air quality sensor can also be used.

The air quality monitor is small in size, easy to install, accurate detection data. Abnormal alarm, convenient data storage, and supports network export. In today's information technology, convenient, fast, and capable of storing data have become one of the standard equipment of today's equipment. Regardless of the purpose of use, choosing a good product is important.

Check air quality
Check air quality