Air quality monitor helps to monitor the atmospheric environment of the construction site

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Air quality monitor background:

At present, society is constantly developing, people's demand for buildings is also increasing, and construction sites are everywhere. However, construction sites often produce various pollutant emissions. The main pollution generated during construction on site is noise, vibration, dust, smoke, waste residue, etc., which affect the air quality of the atmosphere. This leads to a decline in the quality of life of surrounding residents and affects human health. Although the construction site will carry out pollution prevention and control on-site in accordance with relevant standards. Without professional atmospheric environment monitoring equipment, it is impossible to judge the air quality and carry out effective control. In order to better monitor the environmental air quality of the construction site. The ir quality monitoring quality monitor helps to monitor the environmental air quality of the construction site.

Since the construction site is only used for self-monitoring and simple environmental assessment. It only needs to meet the basic data monitoring, the required accuracy is in line with the daily monitoring use, and the cost is low. The air quality monitoring is a low-cost monitoring device that uses diffusion sampling. Its numerical monitoring accuracy is lower than that of a miniature air quality monitoring. The cost is based on the traditional reference built by the analyzer. The working position is 3~5 times lower, which meets the requirements of the construction site.

Introduction of air quality monitoring:

The air quality monitor can monitor PM2.5, PM10, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide in the atmospheric environment in real time. It is suitable for online real-time monitoring of airport environment, atmospheric environment air quality and other fields.

Air quality monitor
Air quality monitor

This instrument can monitor the air quality of the construction site in real time. Upload the data to the system cloud platform, and analyze the environmental data of the construction site. Display it in the form of reports or charts, and can give an alarm for poor air quality. According to the analysis of air quality monitoring data, the construction site contractor can increase the number of treatments and the target treatment volume during periods of prominent environmental pollution.