Be wary of toxic and harmful gases and pay attention to the safety of life and property

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In the gas detection industry, the detection of various toxic and harmful gases is very common. Therefore, we need to use various poisonous gas detectors to carry out corresponding detections, such as the most common hydrogen sulfide detectors and ammonia detectors. , Phosphine detector, sulfur dioxide detector, etc. What is a toxic and harmful gas detector?

poisonous gas detector is a kind of gas detector dedicated to detecting the concentration of various toxic gases. It is an electronic instrument and meter. Because all kinds of toxic gases will cause certain harm to our human body. Therefore, in order to better protect the safety of our staff and prevent us from being poisoned by toxic gases, we need to use such toxic and harmful gas detectors to detect gas concentrations.

When using this type of poisonous gas detector, the most common one is the portable toxic and harmful gas detector, because the portable gas detector can be carried with you, and it can always detect and monitor the concentration of various toxic and harmful gases around us, as well as the concentration changes. , Once the concentration of toxic and harmful gases around us exceeds the safety value set by us, the gas detector will send out various alarm reminders, such as various light alarms, sound alarms and vibration alarms, reminding us to evacuate the scene or in time Take appropriate safety protection measures and so on.

Let me recommend several poisonous gas detectors to everyone.

Formaldehyde tester- CH2O gas detector-portable

Hydrogen leak detector- H2 meter-portable

NOx(NO/NO2) Sensor-Nitric Oxide Detector&Monitor

Portable H2S Gas Detector-Hydrogen Sulfide Meter

Application scenarios of toxic gas detector:
It is used in gas storage tank leakage monitoring, gas disinfection residue detection in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, hospitals, electric precipitators, gas generators, air purifiers, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection sites.