Schools need air quality sensor applications

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Air quality sensor background:

Background: The school may be built in a relatively remote place, or in a prosperous downtown area. But no matter where it is, the school will face an important environmental problem, that is, the air quality. Air quality sensors are used to check air quality sensor.

The school is a place where a large crowd gathers, and the crowd is mostly growing students. Atmospheric environmental air quality issues in schools are getting more and more attention. It is inevitable that schools will not have factories built around, and the production process of factories will produce air pollution. Even schools with good air quality will have a small amount of air pollution. There are many students in the classroom, everyone exhales carbon dioxide, everyone is walking back and forth.

Once the air becomes unsmooth, people will face the problem of lack of oxygen and dust. Therefore, it is very important to discover these air pollutants in time. This economical Air quality transmitter integrates a variety of measuring elements to detect environmental data, effectively helping campus pollution early warning and disposal, and helping to create a healthy campus environment.

The school is full of flowers cultivated by the motherland, so take good care of it!

Which areas of the school need to be monitored?

Indoor areas: classrooms, libraries, offices, dormitories, etc. These are places where students concentrate and stay for a long time, so it is necessary to monitor air quality.

Air quality sensor description:

The air quality transmitter can monitor indoor temperature and humidity, PM2.5/10, eCO2, TVOC and other parameters, monitor the indoor home environment in real time, and ensure a good living environment. The air quality sensor uses a high-density material shell, which has strong anti-interference ability. Long life and high sensitivity. There are three styles to choose from, and the parameters are free to customize. The economic version of the air quality detector can detect TVOC+eCO2+PM2.5/10+temperature and humidity six in one parameter monitoring.

Air quality sensor
Air quality sensor