The main functions of the grid air environment monitoring system

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The grid air environment monitoring system is mainly for environmental management and protection departments (city, county governments, environmental protection management agencies, etc.). The purpose is to help solve the problem of air quality monitoring in the area and provide accurate and real-time monitoring data. Conduct evaluation and analysis of air pollution to help users grasp the regional ambient air quality. Understand pollution characteristics, provide air pollution management services, and provide technical policy support.

With the increasingly severe urban air pollution situation, in order to collect atmospheric environmental air quality data in each area that needs to be tested, relevant departments choose to deploy atmospheric environmental monitoring equipment. The grid air environment monitoring system takes the urban air quality monitoring as a whole through the point, line. And surface layout, which is convenient for management and data collection and statistics. So in urban environmental monitoring, what are the main functions of the grid-based atmospheric environmental monitoring system?

Components of Environmental Monitoring System:

The system is composed of three modules: data acquisition, data display and analysis, and data application. It can provide comprehensive atmospheric monitoring support. With system functions such as environmental monitoring, evaluation, analysis, application and environmental supervision business co-processing. And system operation and maintenance guarantee. At the same time, it can also provide atmospheric environment monitoring for environmental managers at all levels (grid workers) and various departments for management information exchange and business collaboration.

The main function:

In terms of main functions, the air quality monitoring system can monitor. Evaluate and analyze the air quality of the atmospheric environment in the area, identify the characteristics of pollutants in time. Provide the tracking function of the whole process of pollution incident discovery, confirmation, disposal and summary. And release in time Early warning is realized through multimedia information such as mobile phone applications, WeChat official accounts, and the Internet to achieve early warning and early remediation.

Environmental Monitoring System
Environmental Monitoring System