Talking about the Sulfur Dioxide Sensor of the Internet of Things

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Sulfur Dioxide Sensor-As we all know, sulfur oxides, which are common in sulfur dioxide, are one of the main pollutants in the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide mainly comes from the production process of chemical industrial enterprises and when coal and oil are burned, sulfur dioxide is generated.

The main reason is that coal and oil usually contain sulfur compounds. And there is a large amount of sulfur dioxide from volcanic eruptions. Sulfur dioxide is one of the main pollutants in the atmosphere. It mainly comes from the combustion of fossil fuels, coal and petroleum.

Therefore, in plants that use coal as fuel (such as thermal power plants, steel plants, etc.) and sulfur-containing mineral smelting. Acid plants have a lot of sulfur dioxide. Even in urban domestic coal, there are continuous sulfur dioxide emissions. Sulfur dioxide is the current situation. The gas with the largest quantity, the widest distribution, and the most harmful.

Acidic substances such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air pollutants can have a certain stimulating effect on the skin. And floating particles such as dust can also block the pores. Hinder the normal discharge of turbidity and respiration of the skin, and accelerate aging.

For the better development of our living environment, we should pay attention to air pollution monitoring. Which can be monitored and understood by gas sensors. Which is more conducive to the management of relevant departments.

Sulfur Dioxide Sensor

Since sulfur dioxide will have a serious impact on people's lives and atmospheric air quality, Jingxun Changtong has independently developed a sulfur dioxide sensor .Which can monitor the sulfur dioxide situation well.

The SO2 gas leak detector is a portable detection and alarm device that focuses on detecting the concentration of SO2 in the air. The SO2 gas leak detector has a high-definition LCD screen and functions such as sound, light, and vibration alarm prompts. Which can ensure that the gas content is detected in a harsh working environment, and promptly alarm, prompting the operator to take precautions.

Model 485 large-screen sulfur dioxide sensor, high-definition LCD large screen, convenient for real-time display and reading of data, all data is clear at a glance. The shell has a button function. Which is more convenient to operate; the shell is beautifully designed and easy to install. The shell is equipped with dual interfaces. There are two types of plug-in wires and Ethernet interface available for selection.