Air Negative Oxygen Ion Detector Manufacturer

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 21 2021
Air Negative Oxygen Ion Detector Manufacturer DetaiDetails of the manufacturer of negative oxygen ion detector:

Jingxun Changtong is a manufacturer of air negative oxygen ion detector, and the air negative oxygen ion detector is one of our company's IoT atmospheric environment monitoring equipment. It can simultaneously monitor a variety of atmospheric environment elements online. And can monitor and transmit data on negative oxygen ions. Temperature and humidity, and formaldehyde in the air 24 hours a day. The negative oxygen ion monitoring system adopts a unique modular combined structure design. The visual data can be directly viewed on site, and it can also be monitored by a remote cloud platform, which is extremely convenient for later operation and maintenance.

Weihai Jingxun Changtong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is committed to the development and production of intelligent and cost-effective IoT atmospheric environment monitoring equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise with Internet + intelligent hardware technology innovation as its core.

Product advantages:
  1. Accurately detect negative oxygen ions in the air: humanized setting mode. Easy to use and operate, and accurate product measurement values. Strong anti-interference ability, high test accuracy and strong adaptability.
  2. Cylindrical air collector: The negative ion detector adopts a unique cylindrical collector, which actively collects negative ions in the atmosphere, has a stable air flow, and an advanced negative pressure dust removal structure to ensure long-term stable operation.
  3. High-sensitivity chip is durable: The Negative oxygen ion monitoring system adopts high-performance chips, which has strong anti-interference ability. Continuous stability, accurate calculation and measurement, and long product life.
  4. Strong product environment adaptability: high test accuracy, stable charge collection, wide product range and convenient reading.
  5. Long-lasting battery life with large-capacity battery: The air negative oxygen ion detector is powered by a large-capacity lithium battery, which has a good protection function and stable power supply, effectively preventing unstable current from harming the equipment.