What are the functions and characteristics of high-precision ozone sensors

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The high-precision ozone sensor is a detection device used to detect the concentration of ozone in the gas. It can be used to detect the concentration of ozone in limited spaces and open-air environments. And it can also be used to detect the residual ozone in the space after ozone disinfection. The concentration value can be accurately displayed on the LCD screen in real time.

Features:Beautiful appearance, easy to carry, accurate measurement, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable.

The imported ozone sensor provided by foreign first-line manufacturers has high accuracy. Strong stability and low error rate, and can adapt to various harsh environments.

Function and purpose:

It can be used for disinfection and sterilization
In food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. It is necessary to perform overcurrent soaking and sterilization on the surface of raw materials or objects. So as to form a sterile raw material surface. Such as fruit, it can be sterilized after washing to make concentrated juice.

In the processing of aquatic products, before freezing and packaging, high-concentration ozone water spray sterilization or overflow soak sterilization is used to perfectly control the sanitary indicators of aquatic products and avoid the problem of excess chlorine caused by the use of chlorides.

In the processing of liquid food, such as beverages, fruit juices, etc. And in the production of pharmaceutical factories, high-concentration ozone water can be used to soak and clean pipelines, production equipment and containers to achieve efficient sterilization. Bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of pipes, equipment and containers are cleaned and killed, which is very simple and convenient. That is to say, there will be no dead corners, and the use of other chemical disinfectants to cause the emission and residues of harmful substances is avoided, and there is no residue and secondary pollution of ozone.

It can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc. to disinfect tableware, fruits and vegetables. As well as the sterilization and disinfection of children's toys and objects.It can be used for pesticide degradation
It can be widely used in public canteens. Fruit and vegetable processing plants, food processing plants and other places to remove harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, and food additives.

Can be used for water treatment

It can be widely used in the processes of anti-algae and sterilization of industrial water. Sterilization and disease prevention of aquaculture water, and deodorization, decolorization and sterilization in sewage treatment.

It can be used for food preservation

It can be widely used in the storage, preservation and disinfection of raw materials and finished products in the production and processing of freezing plants, food processing plants, livestock farms and other units.

It can be used to purify and clean

It can be widely used in ozone laundry and is an ideal machine for washing clothes in hotels, guesthouses, saunas, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries.

It can be widely used for cleaning public places, toilets and production places.