The role of methane gas alarm controller

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Toxic and harmful gas detector-On July 28 of a certain year, a construction worker at a construction site in Fuzhou Shanshui Science and Technology Park collected a water sample under the bored pile and suddenly fell. The on-site personnel rushed to rescue immediately after finding it. The three construction personnel were without any protection.

They went to save people one after another, but unfortunately they passed out due to poisoning. Other personnel on the construction site hurriedly called the police. And nearby armed police soldiers arrived, wearing non-oxygen gas masks and under the supervision of others to rescue people, but they also went into a coma soon.

Finally, armed police soldiers from the special fire squadron, wearing oxygen-supply gas masks and chemical protective suits, rescued the 4 victims in the hole pile. All four workers have died due to poisoning for too long. The armed police soldiers who entered the hole pile to rescue people escaped after being sent to the hospital for rescue.

The hazards of methane

What is methane? Methane is one of the simplest hydrocarbons. It is widely found in natural gas, biogas, and coal mine pit gas. It is a high-quality gas fuel and an important raw material for the manufacture of synthesis gas and many chemical products.

Toxic and harmful gas detector-Methane is normally colorless, odorless and non-toxic, and it is a flammable gas that is easily soluble in water. However, if the methane concentration in the environment is too high. The oxygen content will be significantly lower, which will cause breathing disorders and lead to suffocation. When methane in the air reaches 25%-30%, it can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, inattention, accelerated breathing and heartbeat, and ataxia. If you don't stay away in time. It can cause suffocation and death. Skin contact with liquefied methane can cause frostbite.