Talking about the Air Quality Detector

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70-90% of a person's life is spent indoors, which shows how important indoor air quality is to human health. When the per capita living area is not resolved. It is of course difficult to talk about improving indoor air quality. However, people's living standards and living conditions are constantly improving, and it is inevitable to improve indoor air quality and improve people's health. Therefore, the air quality detector is a must-have choice.

Disadvantages of indoor environmental pollution:

The impact of indoor environment on health is mainly divided into two types: one is called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). And the other is called Building Related Diseases (BRI). Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) refers to symptoms that occur while living and working in a building. The main symptoms are: inattention, low mood, drowsiness, fatigue, headache, unpleasant smell. Susceptibility to colds, chest tightness, inflammation of the mucous membranes, skin, and eyes.

Once you leave this environment, the symptoms will naturally decrease or disappear. Building-related diseases (BRI) refer to diseases caused by poor indoor air quality due to improper building site selection. Design and material selection, including respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, Legionnaires' disease and various cancers (such as lung cancer). If you leave the environment that caused the building-related diseases, the symptoms will not disappear. Whether it is poor building syndrome or building-related diseases, it can improve the living environment. Improve indoor air quality, and reduce the occurrence of these symptoms.

Home environment monitor function:

The air quality detector monitors the changes in the indoor air environment in real time. And also has an alarm function. When the detected data is lower or higher than the set alarm value. The corresponding data font on the device interface will turn red, and the internal buzzer will sound; when the detected data is higher or lower than the set alarm value When the alarm value is reached. The data font displayed on the interface is no longer red, and the buzzer no longer sounds.

air quality detector
air quality detector