How does the 4 gas monitor perform gas monitoring

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The 4 gas monitor prevents and guarantees people's work and life safety to a certain extent. How does it monitor it?

Nowadays, environmental monitoring is the foundation and technical support of environmental management. With the development of my country's environmental protection work, my country's environmental monitoring technology has also made great progress. The production of environmental monitoring instruments has formed a certain scale, with the diversification of gas detection instruments. Other gas detectors have also appeared on the market.

The 4 gas monitor uses a special circuit to measure the detector current at two points. When the combustible gas enters the circuit chamber, half of it is enough to ignite the gas, and it contains one or one combustion catalyst. When the gas burns, the heat and power circuit passing through the current test area changes. This change will trigger the alarm device.

Hazards caused by toxic gas leaks in many industrial treatment plants. Including chemicals, oil, natural gas, and electricity. Food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, sewage treatment. Leakage sources usually include pipes, valves, water tanks, and burners. Refrigerators, diverters, lighting systems, aeration tanks and other equipment.

Infrared combustible gas detectors work completely differently. A beam of light is emitted due to gas entering the test chamber. It actually reaches the gas, half of the gas that enters the receiver, and then returns to the transmitter. The detector measures the intensity of the two beams to determine whether there is a combustible gas. When the beams are the same, everything is fine, but changes in the intensity of the beam on the air side can cause problems.

Use of 4 gas monitor

In the process of sewage treatment in the sewage plant, these toxic and harmful gases overflow, but in these specific places, special treatment techniques and special gas inspection methods are required. The 4 gas monitor can always sense the gas concentration even in high humidity environments.

When the 4 gas monitor detects toxic gases, the gas detector should first pay attention to its inherent problems. Adjust the concentration and other characteristics at a relatively high concentration according to the chemical stability of the toxic gas. Because they rely on the inactive pull of airflow, the response time of the sample is usually slow. The calibration of the quad gas detector is usually very difficult, which requires the conversion of special accessories and the expansion of the operating mode to perform flow calibration. In addition, the implications of diffusion through flow implied by monitoring and calibration are not always good records.