The importance of indoor air quality testing

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Therefore, for people's health, an indoor air quality testing instrument is needed to monitor the air pollution gas content. It is helpful for people to pay attention to the impact of air quality on the body. So that people can respond in time. In recent years, urban construction has developed vigorously. The appearance of the city is changing with each passing day, and high-rise buildings have sprung up. In particular, office and commercial buildings are closely related to everyone's life. Due to the high concentration of people, crowds, dust and smoke generated by smoking. Plus carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, and various substances emitted by interior decoration, the indoor air is polluted.

The quality is low, even in modern buildings equipped with air-conditioning or ventilation equipment. People are still in a very muddy air environment. Completely different from the natural environment air, "building syndrome" is produced in this way. This phenomenon is quite common in western developed countries and has attracted widespread attention. But it is still little known in China.

Overview of indoor air quality testing:

Indoor air quality detector, also known as home environment detector. Indoor environment monitoring instrument, can detect temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, etc. in the air. And collect the collected signals through wifi Transfer to the data server to facilitate remote viewing and analysis of data. The air purification equipment is connected through a smart switch, the equipment is activated when the indoor air is polluted. And the air purification equipment is intelligently turned off when the air reaches the standard. Achieve the integrated effect of saving, environmental protection and intelligence.

Indoor air quality detectors can be used in smart homes and home environment detection systems. To build an indoor environmental monitoring system, we must focus on practicability, applicability and stability.

Indoor air quality testing