Negative oxygen ion detector monitors air quality in real time

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The concentration of negative ions needs to be accurately measured with the help of a special negative oxygen ion detector

The content of negative oxygen ions in the air is the key to good air quality. In the natural ecosystem, forests and wetlands are important places for generating negative oxygen ions in the air. It has a regulating effect in air purification and urban microclimate. And its concentration level is one of the indicators of urban air quality evaluation. Due to the characteristics of negative ions. The generation and disappearance of negative ions in the air will maintain a balance. Therefore, judging the concentration of negative ions in the environment requires accurate measurement with a special air negative ion detector. The negative oxygen ion detector can accurately detect the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air in real time.

It is consistent, stable and reliable, with small zero drift, good repeatability, low power consumption, good endurance. High sensitivity, fast response, and strong anti-interference ability. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, continuous stable data, accurate calculation and measurement. And adopts cylindrical air collector: stable air flow, advanced dust removal mechanism, long-term stable operation. The negative oxygen ion monitor will actively collect negative ions in the air. The product uses high-performance chips and has a long service life.

Harm of negative oxygen ions

Negative ions are not all harmful to the human body. A small amount of negative ions will also have a positive effect on the body, but things are extremely counterproductive. And a large number of negative ions will have side effects on the body. Some test reports provide data on the removal of dust or bacteria from the air by negative ions. In fact, from the principle of air purification, this is not a real dust removal process.

negative oxygen ion detector
negative oxygen ion detector