Application of ozone sensor in agriculture

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Gas detector monitor-The ozone sensor has high accuracy and fast response. And can monitor the ozone concentration in the environment. What role does the ozone sensor play in agriculture?

In our country, an important factor affecting the quality and yield of crops is pests and diseases. The use of pesticides is indispensable to eradicate pests and diseases. However, due to the large-scale and large-scale use of pesticides. It has caused serious pollution to the environment. Resulting in a large increase in harmful substances in the environment. And endangering ecology and human health.

According to research findings, ozone can replace pesticides to control plant diseases and insect pests, with sterilization and no residue. Ozone is a special gas with a special smell, which is colorless and unstable. It is one of the strongest oxidants in nature and can kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. For this reason, ozone is widely used in many fields and is called "green disinfectant".

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Ozone can not only effectively control diseases caused by bacteria and fungi in greenhouse cultivation. But also replace high-pollution and high-residue pesticides. And the effect of increasing production is obvious. The principle of increasing production is that ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen for absorption by crop roots, reducing anaerobic respiration pathogenic microorganisms in the soil. And promoting the transfer of photosynthetic products of plants and the absorption and utilization of water and fertilizer by roots.

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Although ozone gas can prevent crop diseases and insect pests, different crops have different tolerance to ozone. Therefore, when using ozone gas to kill bacteria and insects. We must first understand the range of ozone concentration that crops can withstand.

Gas detector monitor-The ozone sensor can support a variety of connection methods such as external fans, sprays, solenoid valves, and adopts RS485/analog output mode, supports various gas customization, complete models, and can automatically track the zero point to prevent drift.

In the process of using ozone to disinfect the crops in the greenhouse, the ozone sensor can monitor the concentration of ozone gas in the greenhouse and the residual ozone concentration after disinfection, so as to prevent excessive ozone concentration from causing harm to the human body. And also help managers to adjust in time Ozone gas, implement healthy agriculture, reduce pollution to the land environment.